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    ● Laboratory customization

    ● Flexible layout

    ● High space utilization

    High Throughput

    ● Immunoassay module throughput: up to 600 tests/hour/unit

    ● Cold Storage capacity: 14,800 tubes/unit


    ● Compatible with fully-automatic analyzers by other manufacturers


    Pre-Analytical Module

    Conveyor Module

    ● Efficient dual-lane conveyor

    ● Various types of conveyor to adapt to different laboratories

    ● RFID technology to trace the position and path of any sample


    ES Flex Module

    ● Tube capacity: up to 800 tubes

    ● Various sample tubes and racks available

    ● Flexible assignment of sample entry and exit racks

    ● 4 user-defined sample drawers and racks


    Buffer Module

    ● Tube capacity: 170 tubes/unit

    ● Effectively control the number of samples on the track at peak times to avoid track crowding

    ● Temporary parking of samples to wait for the result acceptance and re-routing


    Centrifuge Module

    ● Throughput: up to 400 tubes/hour

    ● Capable to work independently from the system

    ● Fully-automated loading, balancing and unloading of the centrifuge racks

    ● Several user definable parameters: timing, acceleration, deceleration and temperature (-20 ℃ to +40 ℃)

    ● Expandable centrifuge modules to shorten sample TAT


    Decapper Flex Module

    ● Automatic alarm for cap disposal (capacity: 2500 caps)

    ● Automatic removal of screw and plastic caps

    ● Smart identification of the existence of cap and sample tube height & diameter

    ● Handling error tubes, such as broken or stuck caps


    Analysis Module

    Analyzer Interface Module

    ● U-Turn buffer area, maximize space utilization

    ● Direct sampling on the track, fast and convenient

    ● Priorization STAT samples

    ● Support loading front-end samples during track operation


    MAGLUMI X8 Fully-Automatic CLIA Analysis System

    ● World's fastest CLIA system: Up to 600 T/H

    ● Stable ABEI label

    ● One pipetting for multiple tests technology to shorten TAT and improve efficiency

    ● More than 160 parameters in CLIA test menu

    Post-Analytical Module

    ● Recapper Module

    ● Automatic capping to reduce biohazardous exposure

    ● Special caps for different types of sample tube (13×75mm~16×100mm)

    ● Continuous caps loading


    Exit Module (ES Flex)

    ● Definable error sample recovery area

     Capable to distinguish empty carrier


    Cold Storage Module

    ● Storage capacity: up to 14,800 tubes

    ● Loading throughput: up to 700 tubes/hour

    ● Refrigerated storage system with programmable storage profiles

    ● Sample automatically retrieved back to the track for re-testing or discharged according to the programmable timing

    ● Four different programmable storage profiles according to the test

    ● Automatic discharge function

    Open-ended Third Party Platform Module

    ABBOTT                                                                               SYSMEX

    ● ARCHITECT i2000SR                                                          ●  HST

    ● ARCHITECT c8000                                                             ●  N-9000


    BECKMAN COULTER                                                             WERFEN IL

    ● UniCel Dxl  800                                                                  ●  ACL Top 700/750


    ROCHE                                                                                 TOSOH

    ● Cobas 8000                                                                       ●  AIA 1800/2000LA

    ● Cobas Pro                                                                         ●  AIA CL 1200/CL2400

    ● Cobas 8100 Automation (Cobas p512/p612)                  ●  Tosoh G8/G11


    SIEMENS                                                                            OLYMPUS

    ● ADVIA Centaur XP                                                            ●  AU680DTS


    ORTHO                                                                               STAGO

    ● VITROS 3600/4600/5600                                                   ●  STA-R Evolution

    ● VITROS XT3400/XT7600                                                    ●  STA-R Max, Max 2, Max 3

    ● VIRTOS 5,1 FS/ 5,1 FS AT

    THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC                                                 JEOL

    ● Phadia Immunocap 1000                                                     ● Biomajesty JCA-BM6010/C



    ● Liaison XL

     * Please consult with your local Snibe representative whether the above third-party analyzer interfaces are available in your region. The non-Snibe vendor would need to be in agreement to allow connecting with SATLARS-TCA system. Consult third-party manufacturers and/or vendors for the above analyzer technical requirements.